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Grovenbridge Academy recognises the pressure on our clients’ budgets and we always endeavour to price our events as competitively as possible. However, we do have to cover the costs of venues and refreshments, planning and building the course content, booking the venues and delegates and delivering the courses with high quality tutors and speakers.

Recognising the cost pressures, particularly in the public sector at this present time, we can provide courses on client’s own premises at significantly reduced rates where appropriate. Also, when looking for geographically based venues, if we can use a local organisation Training Centre we can negotiate discounted or no cost places for that organisation depending on the arrangements for the venue and refreshments. Similarly if a local Senior Manager were willing to “host” an event and provide a brief introductory session to set the context for the course we can either pay an honorarium or preferably provide discounted places for their organisation.

Recognising the value and importance of membership of professional bodies and support associations we are happy to consider arrangements with such bodies for their members.

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