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Grovenbridge Academy runs training courses, seminars and information events pertinent to primarily Estates and Facilities staff in a variety of work arenas. The courses listed in the EVENTS PROGRAMME page are the current live offering and the range of topics…

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Information Security and Confidentiality

We now hold so much information within E&FM functions that we need to know how to manage it properly to ensure its security and confidentiality. While much of our information is considered to be “public”, through the publication of statutory…

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Statutory Information Compliance

A specialist one day course to help you understand the importance of Statutory Information in all its guises. We will look at Company and Financial information requirements and use NHS Statutory Returns as an exemplar for Government driven returns. Additionally…

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Risk Recording and Management

In the Estates and Facilities functions we have to deal with Risk in many forms and the recording and management of some is covered by statute while other areas have only guidance at best. This one day course looks at…

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Presentation Skills

A one day course designed to help improve your use of the information you have at hand and your technique in using the various tools available to you to assist you in presenting this in a meaningful and informative way.…

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